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---- Leonard Trevino <trevino.l@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Frank,
> Wanted to thank you for the quick delivery.  Received on Wednesday, and my
Christmas gift today consisted of quality time on the kitchen table, working it
in per your instructions.  So far, the stock looks magnificent, it was a
recently-received CMP HRA Special with new CMP stock.  Will send pictures when I
get a chance.  Product went on very easy, followed your instructions exactly, no
problem.  Product also has a very pleasant odor....

---- (CMP Forum post 123008, by milprileb, active duty soldier):  

"This is a very fine product and works extremely well. My results are great. All my M1 buddies that tried it agree. If you
want a GI finish, it does exactly that. I have seen stocks worked for a long time with this product by guys who really know
how to do wood and the results were awesome.

For me: I wanted a GI finish and it did it very well. Stayed put out in the sun and never got sticky or color rub off."



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Posted - 01/05/2009 :  23:36:13       

I purchased my second CMP Garand this past November. This one is a Springfield Armory Service Grade. Just as with
the HRA I received in December 07, I was very pleased with what I received. There are a couple of minor cracks in the
front and rear handguards, along with the normal dings and dents in the stock. It has some very nice cartouches
though. I almost missed the small crossed cannon cartouche on the bottom of the pistol grip. I don't have the barrel
guaged yet, but a bullet goes into the SA barrel less that it does on my HRA and the HRA guaged at 1.0!

I decided to completely refinish the wood. I stripped it down to bare wood and bought a pint of Fairtrimmer's Military Ox.
What you see is two coats of Fairtrimmer's over a medium maple brown analine dye. I'm really pleased with how the
stock turned out and how easy it was to get a nice finish. Thanks for a great product Frank!  

As required, here is a link to pictures of the SA Garand:


Now that the SA Garand is finished, I'm turning my attention to the Hi-number SA M1903 I got from CMP just before
Thanksgiving. The barrel on the '03 was just as advertised - a total tent stake, with heavy frosting and large patches of
deep pitting throughout.  Fortunately, I have a nice H-S replacement barrel for it. It is off to the gunsmith in tomorrow's
mail to be rebarreled.

The high point on the '03 though was the tiger-striped walnut stock. I'm steaming out as many dents and dings as
possible and getting it ready for the Faitrimmer treatment. I'm thinking that the stock will be absolutely stunning after the
Military Ox is applied.

Sorry, no pix right now of the '03. Hope to have those at the end of February.


"Go Army"


Date:  Thursday, January 1, 2009 4:02 PM  
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Subject:  Re: Military oX order, Jim H - 43449  
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Hey Frank,

I finally 'ran out' of the MILOX, and I just got one of the HRA 'Specials'
that is in desparate need of having the stock worked on.  You know how they look
...  Thanks for still selling the finish, it's great for the wood, and very easy
to use.  


Date:  Wednesday, January 7, 2009 6:44 AM  
From:  Scott A. Brooks <scottbrooks@cyclewacko.com>   
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Subject:  RE: Military oX order, Scott B - 76543  
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I received my order yesterday.  Now, I just have to find the time to try it!

Thanks for the great service!


---- Danbabbit@aol.com wrote:
> Hey Frank ,
> Iam doing okay been working on a few Garands for JJ O'Shea. M1 For  Vets.
>  I have a JP Sauer 12 Ga double been inletting a nice piece of Carlo  Walnut
> for it .
> Just too Many Guns that new restocked and only one of Me.
> I guess over the last 4 weeks the Forum has been Down every other  day
> Keep Pumping that Stock Oil Its Great.
>                                                                          Dan
> <ohsix>


Date:  Wednesday, February 18, 2009 8:57 PM  
From:  Dan Estes <setsebee@charter.net>   
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Subject:  Re: Help a newbie out...  
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I agree with you.  Also there is no doubt in my mind about the quality of
the Military oX.  My dad is 84 years old and he has done countless rifle
stocks with every product ever thought of.  He watched me use the oX on my
garand stock.  His only comment was "Where was that stuff when I needed it"

......As for me, I will be a customer and user of your product for all my stock
needs.  Please keep up the good work.



Date:  Wednesday, February 18, 2009 3:00 PM  
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Subject:  Re: Touch up  
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---- howard@intelliwave.com wrote:
> Hi. I used your product on 4 rifles now and the results have been just  
> what I wanted. On 1 rifle I didn't sand enough and the finish looks  
> "dry" in this spot. Can I light sand the roughness away and reapply  
> Military Ox to that spot? Wess
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Hey Howard,

Absolutely!  It'll blend in seamlessly.  You can use that technique without

Also, opening up the surface with a little 320 wet-sanding can enrich color
depth at anytime you wish.  Always allow a little soaking time, always wipe
tight with a clean dry paper towel after soaking, and always hand rub
re-applications till the wood gets warm.

Good to hear from you and I am glad you like the Military oX.

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