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---- Jeffrey Cagnacci <***********> wrote:
> Frank:
> I got a chance to refinish my Inland 30 Carbine today.  I followed the
>instructions, including stripping it down to the bare wood.  The end result is
>very nice......
>The oX highlighted the grain in the wood.
> I've already referred another buddy of mine to you (he has a current order at
>CMP for a Garand).
> Thanks for making this hobby so enjoyable, and easy to pull off for a complete
>novice (knucklehead) such as myself!!
---- Max Smart <*******> wrote:

> Again, thanks for a great product.
> Max
----Thomas Sticht <********** wrote  

>Thanks again.  I appreciate the instructions that came with the oX and have already read it.
>I will also read the info on the link below.  I am impressed with your desires for folks to have
>a good outcome with their stocks.  It really is the best way to do business if someone wants customers
>to return and for a good word given to others who are looking.  Your personal response here does not
>go unnoticed and is appreciated!!
----Jerome Seymour <*********> wrote:

>From one wood nut to another, the fllintlock I'm working on, is made with a premium slab of curly maple.
>I've experimented with stains on left over scraps of wood including finishing with Military Ox and to me your product
>works even better on the closed grain hard maple.  Makes a really nice hand rubbed polished finish.
>Will be a few weeks before I'm done, will send pictures.
>thank you for the great product.
>'wood nut'
---- James Mendenhall <*********> wrote:
> Frank,
> I got the Military Ox, thanks a lot, it has done a great job on every stock I've tried it on so far.  For some reason I could
>not get acceptable results with plain tung oil, but the Military oX gave me exactly the finish I was looking for.
>Thanks for the fast service!
> James